Smart contracts

Any use case. As easy as dragging and dropping.

A simple way to build any type of smart contract. allows you to easily create self-executing smart contracts based on your preferred set of conditions. A smart contract is a digital binding agreement that is fully transparent on the blockchain.



Always a full copy that cannot be altered



Creating smart contracts has never been simpler



Data integrity, contract fungibility & anti-forgery



Strong legal backing with industry leaders


As blockchain technology continues to evolve, smart contracts have the ability to disrupt a variety of industries; however, currently, smart contracts are extremely difficult for any non-developer to create, which highly limits the adoption of these contracts.


Solution. is a drag-and-drop smart contract builder that allows non-developers in all fields, including but not limited to: insurance providers, online merchants, and speculators, the ability to easily create self-executing smart contracts based on their preferred set of conditions.

How we help.

We feel strongly about building the infrastructure for the future and letting the market decide how it will be used. That being said, the following are a few examples of the types of contractors that we believe will benefit from the use of our platform.

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Insurance Providers
Service Providers



We believe we can tackle the market to expand our API integration capabilities by enabling services in the following stages:

  1. Peer-to-peer smart contracts

    Users can speculate on price of assets, create contracts for services among each other

  2. More trusted API integrations

    More trusted API integrations allowing users to make p2p smart contracts on things like: sports, music, politics, etc.

  3. Business-to-customer smart contracts

    Businesses will offer smart contracts to their customers to ensure trust from customers

  4. More complex smart contract building

    More complex software to allow for developers to easily create smart contracts for micro-insurance, escrow, dApps, loyalty programs, and mores

  5. Business-to-business smart contracts

    Exchanges, banks will work together on our platform to create automatic self executing contracts for their clients.

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